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The Unique Tent Company adds New Winter Tipis to their Autumn Line-up!

The New Season Line-up

The Unique Tent Company, a UK-based company that offers tipis for weddings, has now introduced a new collection to accommodate winter weddings. Focused on winter, these tipis are said to provide the utmost in quality, aesthetics and accommodation, reportedly correlating well with the company’s efficient event planning services.

Morpeth, Northumberland: October 21, 2013

The Unique Tent Company is a leading North East tipi hire service that combines budget-friendly hires with efficient event planning services, according to patrons. Meeting customer demands has led to the growth of the company and an addition to their current line-up of tipis now allows for added flexibility during the notorious UK winter months.

A company representative stated, “There are a wide variety of tipis for weddings on the market today, but very few of them accommodate the winter weddings that couples desperately want. With this new addition to our catalogue of tipi hires, we hope to provide couples with the winter wedding of their dreams”. This addition allows for an alternative venue type that has to date not been seen in the industry. Now, tipis are available that can incorporate cosy fires and sheepskin rugs to allow for warm weddings even when it’s cold.

In order for winter tipi weddings to be a success, the tepees themselves must be able to accommodate all of the couple’s guests. Every tepee, or giant hat, allows for up to 132 people to occupy the space. Now, with the new addition, it is possible to fit over 200 people. Every wedding is unique, and this is understood by the company. Flowing with their wedding planning options, bespoke setups are available to ensure that the layout can fit every last newlywed amenity.

There are a wide variety of options to choose from and a company representative will be able to answer any questions regarding a wedding. Hires are always done based on the customer’s needs, but standard layouts are available to suit smaller budgets, it is said. Event planning and finishing touches can also be provided, to ensure that every detail is as it should be.

About The Unique Tent Company

Tina and Steve Dolder have grown their company into one of the biggest, most successful tipi hires in the North. From the latest in tipi hires to hassle-free event management services, The Unique Tent Company provides for their clients.

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