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Tipis for Weddings – Marrying in style doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Tipis for weddings? That’s right, ladies and gents. The modern tipi makes for a fantastic, inexpensive solution to an age-old bridal problem… where to put the guests!

Spacious, Affordable…

Due to its cone-shaped design, the tipi takes full advantage of area and provides a surprising amount of space, despite its relatively small structure. It’s the ideal way to accommodate a truckload of expectant invitees, when you’re working with a budget, but still want to impress the jollies out of everybody that counts.

And let’s face it, money matters when you’re financially responsible for an event of this scale. There’s friends, family, colleagues, and suppliers, to think about, plus everyone in between. And you love them all, don’t you. Not to mention that you’ll need space for the furnishings, equipment, décor, and then a little for freedom of movement, too.

Practical, Fully Customizable…

Financial and space issues aside, you can also tailor your tipis for weddings to match and suit every last intricate design detail. After all, it is your big day, and you want it to be absolutely perfect – as you imagined it! And hey, if the folks there are full of beans about the how marvellous everything looks, then that’s certainly a bonus.

Tipis come in various styles, sizes, shapes, and colours, and can be modified to compliment any external setup and set any intended ambience, regardless of theme. Whether it’s a stylish reception area, relaxing chill out zone, or a practical catering tent that you need, you are well covered with a tipi – quite literally.

Flexible, Weatherproof…

It is a bespoke, cost-effective alternative to the standard marquee – a flexible way to fashion a magnificent outdoor wedding utopia to your heart’s desire. Assembling and setting up is a snap, and it is also compact enough to move around quickly and easily should any last minute changes be called for; it’s amazingly flexible and convenient!

Worried about parky English weather? No need. At just the flip of a handy top flap, you can adjust your clever tipi, keeping out any drizzle, blocking out any unwanted sunlight, and setting the temperature inside to suit any restless guests. It stays cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s nippy, which makes tipis for weddings a great idea.

North East Tipi Hire…

Where do you get tipis? Well, since they are so versatile, and in demand, several UK wedding tipi hire companies now rent them out, and some even offer additional services, such as set up and catering. A good company may even offer full-on coordination service, where they will handle the whole thing from start to finish.

Why splash out on a pricy, traditional, ‘vanilla’ marquee, when you can save a bundle and get the outdoor ceremony of your dreams? All you do is ring a reputable North East tipi hire company, and then Bob’s your uncle. You’ll bite your arm off when you see what they can do for your small or extravagant major event!

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