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Tipis for Weddings & Parties

Spice Up Your Special Event with the New Marquee Alternative

Even if you hadn’t spent your childhood days playing cowboys and Indians, you would still recognise a tipi. It’s the distinctive style of the tent that was once used by the Plains Indians of North America. There may not be too many Plains Indians where you live today, but tipis for weddings, parties, and all kinds of special events, has certainly become big business. Marquee tents are still used, of course, but the tipi is fast emerging as the canvas structure of choice when it comes to special occasions.

The unique conical tent with wooden poles protruding out of the top has caught the imagination of many. Maybe it’s those memories of childhood play, or perhaps there has always been a touch of Geronimo and Pocahontas in us all. WITH UNCERTAIN WEATHER, TIPIS FOR WEDDINGS MAKES SENSE British weather is unpredictable. We all know that, and even in summer, whether it is in the south west or north east, the tipi is becoming an essential part of planning for an outdoor wedding reception. Even corporate events or special parties cannot rely on a dry, hot day for the event, so it makes sense to turn to tipi hire to ensure that the guests can stay comfortable and happy throughout, regardless of the weather. PROVIDING THE “WOW” FACTOR There are other reasons why tipis for weddings and special events makes sense.

They offer you a chance to be different. You can stand out from the crowd and impress your guests. You see, a lot of people have never seen a tipi close up, or been inside of one. They are more than just another kind of tent; there’s a certain magic about them that makes them memorable. There’s nothing quite as relaxing and serene as the calm, comforting ambience that is typical of a full-sized tipi. And you can do just about anything inside the structure, too. If you want to use the interior space for dancing, then simply provide the dance floor and music. If you prefer to use it for eating, then just fill it with some tables, chairs and good food. Don’t forget the guests! SURPRISINGLY VERSATILE.

Tipis for weddings, corporate events, team building days, private parties, conferences, or some other type of occasion, are quite versatile and can lend themselves to almost any arrangement. They can be strung together, so that they form a very large covered structure, or they can be erected to stand alone. They can provide sleeping accommodation, or a meeting place for friends, family and acquaintances. With north east tipi hire, you can mix chill out zones with party areas, open plan or with a division between tents. The choice is yours, and there are many. The word ‘tipi’ comes from the Lakota language of the North American Indians. It essentially means a dwelling place, but one that is temporary and easily moved.

The Indians of the Great Plains probably never imagined that their practical tents would become as popular as they are today for corporate events, parties and weddings. They are surely proud, though.

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