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Giant & Chillout Tipis

Photo by Neil Denham

Giant Tipis for unique weddings and events

Giant Tipis

Tipis are perfect for weddings, parties, festivals and corporate events with added wow factor!

We are proud to work exclusively with the world-leading supplier of authentic Nordic Tipis, Tentipi®.  All our tipis have been expertly crafted with Nordic Spruce poles and light-tan coloured canvas in the Sami-lands of Northern Sweden.   These tipis are cool in summer and cosy in winter - they were designed for a Scandinavian climate after all!


Tipis are hugely popular for weddings and special events owing to their cool and quirky feel and wonderful versatility.  Tipis can be styled however you like and used for a variety of purposes such as a single ceremony tipi with aisle walkway, a fun and intimate summer garden party bash, or a full-blown wedding breakfast banquet complete with dance floor, bar, and DJ booth.  The only limit is your imagination!

A Giant Tipi is just over 10 m wide and is suitable for up to 70 seated guests.  With all the sides raised, the covered area is 13 m wide, and works great for wedding ceremonies to garden parties.  Tipis can be extended or linked together in a variety of configurations to create different layouts and a continuous space to cater for any party size.

Add doors and walkways to make an unforgettable entrance, while panoramic windows create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience, allowing your party to enjoy the views of your amazing venue.  We can keep you warm in winter with indoor heating and cool in the summer months by raising the tipi sides.


We will work with you to design your layout and create an event bespoke to you with all the finishing touches from cosy fire pits to atmospheric lighting to take your event from day to night! 

Wedding guest Tipi sizes

100 guests

Around 100 guests are typically seated in a pair of Giant Tipis and, of course, it is possible to have more than 2 tipis if desired to create an incredible continuous place to explore! Two Tipis are often linked to a smaller Chillout Tipi - this is the perfect place to retreat from all the dancing!

Prices starting from £2700 (+vat) for 2 tipis with flooring and lighting.

150 guests

Weddings and parties with around 150 guests tend to use 3 Giant Hats and a Chillout Tipi!

Prices staring from £4050 (+vat) for 3 tipis with flooring and lighting.

200+ guests

Above 200 guests, think about 4 Giant Tipis or more. At this scale, we start getting into the realm of bespoke configurations to meet the specific needs of the event.

Prices starting from £5400 (+vat) for 4 tipis with flooring and lighting.

We’ll work with you to prepare your floor plan showing how the interior space will be used.

Relax and mingle in a Chillout Tipi

Chillout Tipis

Our smaller Chillout Tipis measure just over 8 m wide and can be linked to a Giant Tipi as an additional space to create the perfect cosy corner with comfy seating, throws and a magical fire pit with toasted marshmallows.

A Chillout Tipi is also great on its own and makes a fantastic bar area with our giant hexagonal wooden bar- saving you more room for dancing! 


Chillout Tipis and Giant Tipis are a popular choice for garden parties, family celebrations, anniversaries, christenings, and hen parties!

Whatever your reason to celebrate, our team will work with you to design your bespoke event.

We offer a Chillout Tipi Package complete with a Chillout Tipi, fire pit and a choice of fabulous chillout furniture to suit your theme and colour scheme. 

Tipi floorplans
Finishing touches
Tipi packages
Authentic Nordic Tipis by Tentipi®
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