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Simple and beautiful flower pounding

Vintage wedding DIY inspiration!

Since a lot of us have now found ourselves in the safety of our homes with new found time, it gives us the perfect opportunity to get a little crafty!

This beautiful and simple technique requires very few items and all within your house hold reach!

Flower pounding is a technqiue using fresh colour flowers and lightly pound them into fabrics using a hammer releasing their natural dye, transferring both the patterns and colour onto the materials. Perfect for adding a touch of colour to napkins, tablecloths, bunting or creating unique backdrops!

Flower pounding can also be done on thick card to make beautiful invites/ envelopes name setting and wedding favours!

You will need:

Thick card or fabrics - light colours work best.

Colourful flowers - fresh picked flowers or those from a bouquet

A hammer


A protective surface - a shopping board, cutting mat or an old book!

Paper towels (or spare fabric works well too)


1. Collect colourful wild flowers and leaves. I found Periwinkle and bright red leaves worked beautifully!

2. Cut any bulkiness off from the flowers such as stalks and the stigma.

3. Using you protected surface, lay your farbic or card down, then arrange your flowers and leaves and cover with a paper towel.

3. Gently hammer the fabric where the flowers rest

4. Carefully peal off the flower revealing your beautiful design.

5. You can partly seal your design with craft spray for card or carefully soak your fabric in cold water.

Tip: experiment with different flowers and pressures to get variations in detail.

I think this super simple technique would make the most beautiful touch to a wedding invitation or a handmade wedding favour.

A little handing frame with botanic print in. - BEAUTIFUL

I've experimented below see what you think!



x o x

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