Meet the Tipis


For total flexibility — the Stratus, is our original and widely popular Nordic tipi for all kinds of activities, both summer and winter.

it’s the unique flexibility of the Giant Hat that makes it an inspiring choice for all types and sizes of event. Solid wooden poles and a light tan-coloured canvas produce a natural ambience that’s really like nothing else. Dress it up, or keep it simple, either way you can be sure to create an exciting alternative to a “white box” marquee.

Pitched on its own with “sides down” it looks like a conventional tipi; with “sides up” it resembles a giant witch’s hat. And it’s this ability to raise the sides that also makes it possible to link the tipis to each other, creating a single larger space. All manner of configurations are possible, and there’s no limit to the number of tents that can be linked together. Whether you’re having an intimate party for 50, a wedding for 150, or a corporate event of 500 or more, there’s a configuration of Giant Hats that will work perfectly.

The exclusive fixing system makes Stratus one of the strongest tent structures available, with additional poles to support the brim when you use the hat configuration. The canvas has triangular expansion panels to make it possible to raise the brim to an outstretched position.

Though outstanding and eye-catching on its own, it is most famous for its ability to link with other Stratus Nordic tipis, letting you create truly huge structures for every kind of outdoor business or leisure activity.


Whatever size you choose, Cirrus gives you a most appealing environment for your activity. It’s a setting that can only enhance your profile.

Cirrus is so manageable — it has a patented assembly system, with pre-mounted pole connectors. This means that two people can erect a Cirrus in less than an hour without any machines.

Cirrus 40
Versatility is the Cirrus 40 keynote. There is space for 40 seated at tables. Pitched separately or linked to a Stratus, the Cirrus 40 can be used as a chill out area, a reception area, cloakroom or a catering tent.
It has the same construction as the Stratus but is smaller at 8.5 metres in diameter. Rather than having the possibility to raise the brim, the Cirrus 40 has a 4 metre wide opening that can be used to link it to several connected Stratus Nordic tipis or, when pitched separately, to provide a view.

Cirrus 72
Spacious, simple and easy to erect, Cirrus 72 provides space for 72 seated at tables. It was our first giant Nordic tipi with the patented connectors to ensure strength and simplify erection. Cirrus 72 has become the first choice for so many activities all year round because of its stable structure, its reminder of our ancient roots, its manageability, its spaciousness and the opportunity to have an open fire. A full tourist busload can be served comfortably at tables inside a Cirrus 72.

It has two similar doors on opposite sides. The extra door fulfils the need of a reserve exit or a back door.


Much more than a shelter— it’s a striking place for business or pleasure.

Nimbus is original, it’s fun and it’s distinctive. In other words, it’s everything you want to be when you are entertaining friends, holding a road show for business or exhibiting at a county fair or trade event. These are all typical applications for the innovative Nimbus — whether you leave it open all round or use the optional windbreak.

In the garden, it’s a cool gazebo for summer luncheon parties. On the road it’s a trade stand that stands out — and gives you so many creative marketing options. Whatever you want to do, Nimbus will be your shelter in a way that gives you pleasure and gets you noticed.

The strong wooden poles and stable fixing system make the Nimbus sturdy and attractive wherever you set it up.

Diameter: 5.5 m. Height under brim: 1.9 m approx.

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