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Tipi Outdoor Space Solutions

Does your business need covered outdoor space?  

An immediate challenge for the hospitality, leisure and events industries is the need for extra space. With safe social distancing measures, mid- to long-term tipi hire provides the solution to getting back to business. We provide tipi hire at affordable rates, with heating, furniture and lighting options tailored to the needs of your business, and regular safety checks by our crew. 

Contact us to find out how tipi hire can work for your business.

Social distance seating plan Tipi teepee tent bar hospitality space wedding

by Tentipi ®

Socially distanced seating plans

We can create bespoke layouts to suit your venue with socially distanced seating plans. Here are two examples of how 2 m social distancing can work in a Giant Tipi.  As seen here, one tipi can provide seated dining space for at least 56 people, enabling a significant increase in the number of dining covers your venue can support and generating increased profit. 

Additional tipi extensions with windows and doors can be fitted to create extra usable space and increase the number of dining covers. 


Tipis offer a flexible solution to supplement indoor dining and bar space with a covered outdoor space.  They offer versatility and can have their sides up or down to suit weather conditions and space requirements.

A single giant tipi requires a spatial footprint in the region of 13 x 13 m and can be erected on grass or hardcore surfaces.


Contact us to discuss your requirements and book a site visit.

tipi teepee tentipi hospitality event wedding

Extra Space Solutions 

Tipis offer a covered outdoor space solution for a wide-range of purposes.  As large temporary structures with immediate wow factor, tipis can support the outdoor space needs of many industries including hospitality, exhibitions, music and food festivals, and sporting and recreation events.

We're open to all enquiries - we are particularly honoured to be helping in our local area with the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out.

To discuss how tipi hire can work for your business, get in touch with us.  We wish you and your business well in these challenging times and look forward to hearing from you.

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