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Winter weddings!

Winter weddings are beautiful! –and I am going to show you why!

With the current unprecedented global climate we have had many clients choosing to rearrange their summer weddings for either next summer or for this winter!

If you have found that your dream venue is now already fully booked for next year, there's always a winter alternative. So let's get inspired for a magical winter wedding.

Let’s start at the begining…

1. Flower girl?

For a autumn twist have dried deep red rose petals or autumn leaves as you make your way down the aisle. Your colours scheme could indulge in berry reds, earthly greens and deep turquoises with gold accents!

2. Reception drinks – how about mulled wine in traditional German gluhwein glasses.

There is something fantastic about a glass of warm mulled wine when theres a winter breeze outside.

3. Banquets and winter feasts.

Your wedding breakfast could be the ultimate festive feasts! Large sharing banquets or beautifully presented roasts! Finish with hot sticky toffee pudding or warm chocolate fudge cake with rum and raisin ice-cream. Those classic dishes will have all your guests feeling nostalgic!

4. Stories and tales by the fire.

Imagine your guests huddling around an open fire whilst toasting giant marshmallows and sharing stories. Add a basket filled with faux fur blankets that will keep your guests extra cosy. Our fire-pits can be located both inside our outside our Tipi's.

5. Chill-out Tipi - there's nothing chilly in here!

Our beautiful chill-out Tipi can be attached to your main Tipi structure as a continuous space. A smaller Tipi can host a bar or even better yet; our complete chill-out package, which includes fire-pit with giant marshmallows, beanbags and large comfy sofas with faux fur blankets! The perfect cosy retreat from all the dancing!

6. Drinks trolley with a tipple…

Not just your average tea and coffee trolley! Offer some beautiful glass decanters with your favourite liquors; whiskey and brandy make the perfect addition for a cheeky tipple!

If you're not going for a drinks trolley, how about a dessert trolley but with your winter favourites? You could have toffee apples, roasted chestnuts, creamy fudge and cinder toffee.

7. Pimp my prosecco or decorate your own hot chocolate.

Offer sprinkles, syrups, cream, marshmallow and Baileys! Your guest will love designing their own hot luxury hot chocolates and don't worry with a little tipple in their drink they'll still be up all night dancing!

8. Instead of flip-flops it's all about slipper socks...

Instead of a stack of flip-flops by the dancefloor have a selection of cosy slipper socks. They are sure to keep your guest's toes warm and dancing late into the night once the heels are off! Get the ones with the grips- there is certainly no falling over now!

9. There are so many winter games to be played!

If you’re from the North East of England you may remember the excitement of the hat and scarf game! Two teams of about six, each gathered around a table with a chocolate bar... (a Mars bar works best!) Within your teams you take it in turns to roll a dice for a six.. so you can frantically throw on a hat, scarf and the biggest mittens imaginable and then begin to attempt to cut a section of the mars bar with a knife and fork… It’s a race against the other team to finish the mars bar!

For those who haven’t played (are properly thinking what on earth!?) – there is no game like it, it makes no sense at all but has so much thrill, it will without a doubt have your guests crying with laughter.

10. Winter walkway...

Fairy lights, festoon walkways and lanterns make the perfect magical entrance day or night!

Don't worry for the in's and out's the Unique Tent Company team can sort these; from heaters to ensure you are all kept warm all evening, special flooring to keep your shoes dry and walkways lit by festoon lighting. We have perfect combinations to create your magical winter wedding.

Lorna x o x o

Moodboard of dreams...

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