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To have or not to have – your pet at your big day? I love the idea of having pets at weddings and think while this can work great for some couples can be total no go for others. Here you will find some top tips about deciding if your pet will be comfortable at your wedding an other ways that you can incorporate your very important pet into your big day without them actually being present.

Having your pet at your wedding

This might be great for an easy-going dog at an outdoor wedding, likewise this could be a totally inappropriate for a nervous dog in a big country house wedding. Below you will find a few questions to help you consider if your pet can attend your wedding and how to make the day enjoyable for your pet and yourselves.

  1. Are pets allowed at your venue? Probably one of the most important aspects to consider!

  2. Will there is space for your pet at the venue where your pet will be comfortable and able to accommodate their needs?

  3. How will your pet manage in a new environment and around large groups of people?

  1. Who is going to look after your pet during your big day?

  2. Are there any dangers at the venue for your pet? Such as other animals, decorations etc

  3. Consider your guests, do you have guests with allergies or animal phobias? How will you manage this? (Such as advance warning on invitations)

After considering the above, some couples decide that it is best their beloved pet is not at their big day, but really want them to be involved in another way. We have some fantastic ideas for you.

1. Firstly, who is going to be looking after your pet? For those of us who normally rely on family and friends to watch our pets, will find this difficult if they are all going to be at your wedding. Luckily there are many fantastic dog walkers and doggy daycare providers. Adventure Playhound services look fab for fun loving dog adventures in small groups. Alternatively, there are fantastic doggy daycare centres such as Rosie’s Place .

2. If you think your pet is very sociable but would not manage a full wedding day, you could consider your petsitter fetching them for a short visit? This would be great way to involve your pet in a more manageable way. A great time for this would be during the outside photoshoot, be sure to get some action shots of you with your pet. We have worked with some brilliant photographer who are pet friendly such as Chocolate Chip Photography and The Smiths Photography.

3. If like my pup, your pet would not be comfortable in big crowds for your wedding day, there are many other ways to include them throughout. I have listed a few below:

  • Include your pets in your invitations, maybe even a pre- wedding photoshoot of you all together or an illustration of your beloved pet in the back ground would make your invitations so much more personal.

  • Cake toppers, table names, signage, menus, all could be related to your pet? Imagine table names of the family’s dogs or cute pet family photos on your easel.

  • Anyone for a life size pet cardboard cut out? Ok so you could have so much fun with this one!

  • Mention your pet in your speeches, you could share with your loved ones a fun story about your pet and how they are already a part of your new family.

  • Photos - share some of your favourite photos of you and your pet, you can get so creative with this. Maybe some polaroid photos on photo holders on the tables.

  • I love the idea of having a charity donation to you local animal shelter or rescue centre in you pets name as your guest wedding favours. This could be presented in so many cute ways. Find out about the brilliant work done at the Newcastle cat and dog shelter.

We love dogs at weddings - and seeing your photos of them at your day!

Love Michelle

The Unique Tent Company

x o x o

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