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Let’s talk practical items!

Our tipis and marquees are amazing! You can have your dream wedding or event all designed by YOU (with some help from us!). If you have a sentimental location, a favourite place, somewhere personal filled with memories, why not make it your perfect and unforgettable setting?!

Add in your preferred beautiful tent structure, be that tipis or one of our marquees, and you’ve got yourself a dream venue!

From there you can design the interior – long banquet or circle tables? Benches or chairs? Make it modern with an LED bar, light-up dance floor and chesterfield furniture collection, or opt for a rustic-luxe look with wooden bar, whiskey barrels and cosy furniture. A tipi or marquee wedding allows you to make all the decisions and design a day bespoke to you.

You can even choose your own caterers! Instead of a venue’s own dishes you can pick your own! Be that a banquet feast, a fine dining meal, or a BBQ. We can supply the catering tent!

Firstly, you’ll get in touch either via email, call or through our website ‘get a quote’ and tell us a little detail about your dream day - things like your preferred structure, estimated size of the event and location. From there you will work closely with a team member whilst we help plan your special day. You’ll discuss all the fun things, such as structure and layout, style of furniture and all our little finishing touches like lawn games, sweetie stand and cake table. But there are also the practical items!

So, let’s talk about all the practical items and how it all works.

Location? Let us know your dream location and we will do a full site check. If you need a little more guidance, we can also provide a list of amazing places we’ve been to before.

Power? We can take care of all your on-site electrical needs. For large events or weddings we use a three phase generator to provide power for everything from music and lights to catering and portable toilets for the full day. If you plan on having a two day event just let us know we can provide a two day hire.

We can also supply a complete cable package to make it extra easy for your caterers and DJ or band to hook to the power. What could be easier than that?!

Warmth? - Along with all the dancing, our heaters will keep you warm in cooler months. We can provide a heater which sits outside and distributes warm air inside the marquee or tipi.

We also have the option of beautiful large wooden doors for our tipis - not only do doors make for a fantastic entrance, in winter months they prevent a draft from entering the main atrium.

Keeping cool? Marquees and tipis have the ability to raise the sides to keep you cool in the summer months as well as showcase the spectacular view of your dream location. Or, if it’s an autumn/winter wedding in a tipi and you want the view without the chill, we have our panoramic windows, which bring the outside in but keep you warm.

We also have our fire-pits and fire-bowls that are perfect for evenings with a few benches, a blanket box and lots of marshmallows to make for the perfect cosy setting.

A fire-pit can be put inside tipis or outside of our marquees.

Catering? We can supply catering tents with plenty of space for your favourite caterers to set-up. This includes tables and lighting and sockets, and, if you ask us to provide electrical cables, your catering team can then simply link up to the generator. It really is that simple. This means you could even have your favourite restaurant cater your day! Or get in touch and we can recommend some incredible caterers for everything from delicious sharing banquet feasts, three course fine dining, to street food vendors!

Luxury loos? Yep, we can provide these too! These are the real deal and a million miles from your average portaloo - just ask us for photos!

Lighting and flooring? Each structure comes with lighting and either matting or carpet flooring. As standard, our tipis come with spotlights and fairy lights and our marquees have beautiful festoon lights. There are of course options of finishing touches such as beautiful chandeliers, lanterns and exterior festoon lighting.

Size? We have a range of marquee sizes to suit any event! Our tipis are also wonderfully versatile - a single Giant Hat Tipi is perfect for wedding ceremonies and small intimate parties, whilst several tipis can be linked together to suit large events and festivals!

Here are some examples:

Up to 60 guests - a single Giant Tipi is ideal for smaller celebrations and ceremonies

100 guests – a pair or a trio of Giant Tipis are suitable for weddings and parties needing space for dining and dancing!

150 guests - Weddings and parties with around 150 guests tend to use 3 or 4 Giant Tipis

200+ guests - Above 200 guests, think about 4 Giant Tipis or more. At this scale, we start getting into the realm of bespoke configurations to meet the specific needs of the event.

We can also add a tipi extension or a slightly smaller Chillout Tipi for extra space!

The Sailcloth The Sailcloth Tent is much more than just a tent! This is a large, elegant and super-stylish marquee and an excellent choice for larger parties 120(-300) guests for dining and partying the night away. 44ft x 83ft.

Lusting after that Vintage-luxe look? Then look no further.

30 x 90 ft Larger do’s 100 -140+ guests 30 x 70 ft Medium sized events 80+ guests. 30 x 50 ft Smaller events

Tables and chairs? We have a great selection of round or long tables and cross-back chairs or benches - the choice is yours! Whatever your table plan, we can create your bespoke layout.

So what’s left to thing about? All the practical items are sorted. You’ve just got to decide on what flavour of cake you’re having! - of which we can provide the beautiful cake stand!

We promise you the process is not overwhelming! Our team are incredible and can help organise your day and guide you with any queries.

So get in touch and let’s start organising!

Love The Unique Tent Company Team. x o x o

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