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What's inspiring us for outdoor weddings in 2021?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

We’ve been busy researching inspiration, fabric shopping, furniture hunting and doing lots of restoration too! So we thought we'd share what's been inspiring us for 2021!

1. Wicker, wicker, wicker!

We are just loving the revival of the wicker trend for that sort-after boho-luxe look! Who knew it could be so glam and yet so earthly. We LOVE it so much we've decided to launch our own wicker cosy furniture collection this September ready for small winter events this year and all the events next year!

We sourced the most beautiful fabrics and teamed up with Merchant No.1 and DC Upholstery for their fabulous upholstery skills. We have a photoshoot planned soon to show off the new collection so keep an eye on our socials.

Boho outdoor tipi marquee wedding
Boho outdoor tipi marquee wedding

Images numbered referenced at the bottom of the blog with links.

We’re thinking of pairing a few rustic rugs, poofs and the new wicker collection to be used either inside our Chill-Out Tipi or outside in summer weather. We can just imagine drinking Bramble cocktails and enjoying canapés in the sunshine, then star gazing at night time with a few cosy blankets.

2. Evening Grazing Tables!

This would be the ultimate feast in the evening time to keep you fuelled for all the dancing!

We spotted Miss Mays Picnics on Instagram. Disclaimer ** Don’t get your hopes up this is Australia Newcastle not our UK Newcastle – I knew those pictures looked too sunny all year round! Can you imagine how incredible a grazing table would look on one of our long wooden tables!

Give their page a follow - tag your Australia friends!

3. Rugs and earthly boho vibes by Anthology Vintage Hire. For the most beautiful vintage hire and accessories, this Essex based company know how to style events! We just love their earthy boho set-up and think their style would look incredible in a tipi!

4. Flora are our go-to finishing touches!

We love this simple flower hanging design spotted on One Six Events. The flowers add such a delicate touch to a marquee, this could be achieve in either of our Marquees be that the Sailcloth or Vintage or could be recreated outside between trees for a fabulous backdrop!

A Wedding in an English Country Garden - Pierre and Anneka

5. Rustic woodland backdrops!

Trending making your own backdrops! We love this fabulous wooden backdrop for fabulous photos of you and your guests - you could even paint some messages on there too. Could be a nice DIY hack!

Spotted this on pinterest by Hilly City Bride.

6. Top table for two!

We love the peacock chairs as a statement piece - we have some of these coming too! Would you opt for a top table for two or the traditional full family top table? This image was spotted over on wedding chicks we love their colour scheme too, perfect for summer and autumnal weddings too.

7. Whiskey barrels for fabulous dessert tables. We picked this image from Junk Yard Gypsy, as this is something we at The Unique Tent Company can so easily recreate! We have our double whiskey barrel cake stand, vintage sweetie stand and outdoor festoon lit walkways too, to name but a few fabulous finishing touches! Such a beautiful set-up for an outdoor wedding!

8. Decoupage

Decoupage is the art of gluing coloured paper cut outs onto furniture; you can then add paints, gold leaf or other decorative elements. For a more rustic shabby-chic look you can even sand down the design - It looks fabulous! We think decoupage glass bottles could make beautiful centre pieces or could become a seating plan. It would look great in our vintage marquee for that touch of vintage luxe!

Recently we too have been crafty ladies and doing decoupage on our wooden tables. We’ve opted for flowers of course; the beautiful wild flower designs have brought new life to our drinks tables in our cosy collection. - Pictures coming soon! We’re all for the love of redecorating, restoration, reusing and DIY! Let us know if you’ve tried decoupage, we would love to see your photos!

Love The Unique Tent Team

x o x o

Moodboard – created by us in photoshop credits as follows:

Image 1 brown sofa woods. Found on Pinterest link follows to

Image 2 outdoor set up sofa and green pouf. Found on Pinterest links to this fabulous blog showing Harry and Cris’s incredible wedding.

Image 3 – Rug walkway – Found on Pinterest links to this fabulous festival bride boho wedding blog

Image 4 – Tipi with Boho set up

Image 5 and Peacock chairs top table set up

Image 6 walkway sofa

Planning: @elmonoconsombrero Photography: @ahr_photos Bride: @pasopasoblog

Image 7 wicker room divider

Image 8 wicker peacock chair flowers Chair by Intricately woven floral seating by Bohemian Village Decor

Image 9 Wicker chairs landscape

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