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Little Green Changes to your Eco Conscious Wedding Day

We've searched for our favourite little swaps you can make to make your day a more eco-concious day. Trust us they're all beautiful!!

You’re invited!

Online invitations or recycled paper invitations. They have a beautiful feel to them and look beautiful too. These ones are amazing, they can be planted and grow into flowers!

These beautiful placeholders are found on Etsy.

Garden of such beauty the flowers seem to grin.

Favours - they don't need to be costly but it is nice to have a little souvenir from your day. Our favourites are, edible favours, donation for charity on your guests behalf or seeds for your guest to take home and grow flowers.

Stick to glassware – plastic cups are a no.

They can be convenient, especially at an outdoor wedding, but glassware can be washed and reused, even though plastic can be recycled or the new decomposable plastics, they need to be responsibly looked after and put into the correct bins.

Paper confetti is out and rose petals are in!

You can purchase these from Etsy- of better yet DIY. When you treat yourself to flowers, once they’re beginning to wilt, hang them upside down in a warm room, they’ll dry and keep their colour.

Or we love these from Etsy ‘ For The Love Birds’ bird seed confetti!

Pasta straws/ metal straws/ bamboo straws

You can even get them personalised so your guests get to keep them! We found these ones below on Etsy, they would be great for favours.

Venue – Outdoor weddings are fabulous, you'll find you have more control and design your perfect day around you.

We love Kidlandlee – Our newest partnership venue, they proudly hold the Gold by the Green Tourism Award. They’re known for their clear skies making the most incredible star blanket in the evening.

The perfect off-grid location for an eco-conscious and exclusive wedding that stays in harmony with the nature of its surroundings.

Source local for your suppliers not only will your flowers and food be fresher it will be travelling fewer miles and supporting local businesses is always a win!

Or have you thought about Silk flowers?! They are incredible! We love local supplier Great British Bash who specalise in wedding decoration and silk flowers. That way you can have those out of season flowers whatever the season. See their page here- Fiona is a dream!

See our previous blog post where we partnered up with the Great British Bash for a photoshoot.

Reduce the number of guests

Not only will it save you money, it’s a more eco conscious decision.

Fill your day with those important to you. We like this super simple flow chart of whos’ on / off the list.

Align your suppliers with your values. Food wastage is often higher when there is a banquet or buffet, with this in mind work closely with your suppliers. TIP: Have takeout boxes for evening food so guests can take home from the buffet.

We LOVE dogs at weddings!

Did you see Kaley Cuoco (Also known as Penny from The Big Bang Theory) asked guests to bring donations for dog shelters rather than gifts. So wholesome and their pictures from their day are just beautiful!

Little green changes.

Love The Unique Tent Company


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